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Fresh pollen

Pollen is the secretion of the male flowers when pollen grains fall on the pistil ( female organ of the flower) pollination occurs . Walk bees from flower to flower them absorb the nectar of flowers, with which will make honey and pollen legs are filled , they pollen body with saliva and nectar are cleaned .

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The Fresh Pollen, has one of the most complete nutritional resume among all foods . It is the only food that contains 22 essential amino acids. Although it incredible 100 grams of pollen proteins that contain the same half kilo of meat, in the form of free amino acids , is easily assimilable .

Contains various sugars , vitamins (A , D , E , C , and all Group B ) . Minerals and trace elements , enzymes and antibiotic substances that increase their therapeutic power.

How Taken ?;

Alone with fruit salad, yogurt, salad, has a rapid dissolution and is sweet to the taste, the only rule is do not take hot, as some of their properties are lost. Store in freezer.alone