Orange blossom honey

Honey obtained from pollinating white and fragrant flower of the orange tree . The Orange blossom honey is light amber color and smooth on the palate . It has a high amount of sugars, for this reason usually has a very solid texture. Overall it is a very natural, creamy , sweet honey , and a good smell scent of orange blossoms .

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1,20 € (IVA inc.)

It is particularly recommended to treat the following physical anomalies : Sleeplessness , anxiety , nervousness etc. This pueder Honey added to milk or yogurt before going to sleep , ensuring a deeper and restful sleep.

The University of Valencia, has studied in depth the characteristics of this type of honey , it was found that the orange blossom honey is especially soothing and relaxing, the specific properties of this honey are granted by the properties of orange blossom , to from which bees produce honey.